Adflex —
Empowering consumers
to Venture Well

Creating an innovative launch campaign for Craghoppers’ Adflex backpacks, leveraging the Bloom eco-credentails.

Encouraging outdoor adventurers to shop eco & sustainable products

The “Venture Well” campaign centred around an innovative Bloom Eco fabric technology, we aimed to resonate deeply with an outdoor focused audience anchoring on sustainable product use. By blending technology style visuals with bold typography and delicate illustration, we showed that innovation and eco can live together. The colour palette was very digital while the campaign tagline itself urged individuals to adventure with an eco peace of mind. Through meticulous design and strategic messaging, our studio passionately brought to life the essence of “Venture Well” for Craghoppers’ remarkable new collection.

How we created feeling

By utilising the Bloom eco credentials of the product we created a tangible link between exploring the outdoors whilst supporting a sustainable mindset. The user then felt empowered and a sense of wellbeing around their purchase which utilised both recycled materials and eco-friendly fabric technologies.

The feeling is such that the consumer feels they are aligned with both their outdoor activities and their product needs.

Persona push us to think outside the box, be innovative with our campaigns and consistently deliver amazing end results.

Words of:
Charlotte Jackson Marketing Director

Proving that innovation and technology based advancement in product and materials can also be eco friendly.

The Outcome

Craghoppers successfully launched the AdFlex bag globally with the campaign marking a turning point in the perception of the brand as a significant presence in the tech’ fabric landscape. The campaign generated not only a positive emotional “feel good” response but a real sense that Craghoppers delivered premium products at a price point that aligned with their target market and the expectations there in.

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