AEW Architects —
People centred.
Purpose driven.

Crafting a confident and unapologetic website upgrade for AEW Architects that celebrates their brand persona and brings people to the forefront.

People at the heart of everything.

AEW Architects comprises a committed group of over 90 professionals who have a deep enthusiasm for the craft of creating meaningful spaces. Their team encompasses Architects, Technologists, Masterplanners, and Interior Designers, along with experts in BIM, Heritage, Planning, Retrofit, and Sustainability.

Their approach, centered around people and driven by collaboration, has garnered them numerous industry awards and accreditations. These accolades acknowledge not only the achievements of their projects but also their dedication to consistently exceeding expectations in all aspects of their work.

How we created feeling

Despite being industry leaders with a strong reputation, AEW’s brand identity and website failed to capture the essence of their exceptional team of change-makers dedicated to creating impactful, life-changing work. Our task was to showcase their distinct personalities and unique stories.

We engaged extensively with the entire team, from Directors to architects and designers, uncovering a prevailing theme of collaboration, passion, and a heartfelt commitment to creating lasting positive change. The website’s prioritises the “Who” and “Why,” allowing their personality to shine.

We collaborated with AEW to produce compelling video and photography content, bringing their personalities to the forefront, placing stories above mere results.

Additionally, we emphasised AEW’s work process, offering a glimpse into their collaborative approach in each project. This two-pronged strategy—emphasising Personality and Process—distinguishes their new website, establishing them as individuals with strong, distinctive personalities, resulting in a memorable brand and website that stands out from the competition.

Meticulously intertwining design elements and interactive features to evoke a sense of engagement, ensuring that every click and scroll conjures an emotional connection.

As a collaborative, Manchester-based practice we were looking for a local, like-minded team to work with on our new website and Persona Studio fit the bill. From start to finish, the team worked closely with us to translate our aspirations into a high-quality, content-rich new website and supporting marketing collateral. They guided us through the design and development process and provided responsive account management throughout. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Words of:
Andy Rainford, Managing Director

A brand presence as confident as the architecture.

The final website is bold and confident in its design, and human and personal in its content. It lives up to AEW’s reputation, and pushes them even further, by providing them with a platform to be themselves, and showcase their amazing work that aims to leave a lasting positive impact on the world.

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