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Designed to help people in the arts succeed in business, The Digital Culture Network lets the content do the talking, with accessibly and usability at its core

An ongoing partnership with Arts Council England.

Over the last few years we have worked closely with Arts Council England to build and launch their Digital Culture Network – designed to help people in the arts succeed in business, with a mix of digital, brand, marketing and SEO content that is designed to help small businesses prosper.

The website is designed to be clean and modern and allows the content to do the talking – with easy to navigate categories, and content rich articles, users can find articles that are relevant to them.

How we created feeling

When tasked with designing the Digital Culture Network, our design team embraced the challenge of transforming intricate content into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Through a meticulous approach to clean and thoughtful design, we strategically organised complex information to ensure accessibility and ease of understanding were at the forefront. Our team implemented intuitive navigation, harmonious colour schemes, and carefully selected typographic hierarchy to create a user-friendly experience. 

Visual touches were thoughtfully integrated, transforming the platform into not just an informative space but an enjoyable and memorable journey for users navigating the digital landscape. The result is a testament to our commitment to bridging the gap between complexity and clarity, leaving a lasting impression on users within the vibrant realm of digital culture supported by the Arts Council.

This job was all about transforming intricate content into a seamless and enjoyable experience, with accessibility at its heart

Persona Studio have worked through the creative and technical design & build of our new Digital Culture Network, a resource platform for UK arts & creative industries. Integrating a varied content requirement from articles, instructional posts, events and video, the platform allows our users to create individual and organisational profiles and this links directly to our organisations CRM

Words of:
Paul Holmes, Digital Project Lead, Arts Council England

The Outcome

An integral part of the project was to integrate with the Arts Council’s chosen CRM – Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our bespoke built WordPress platform was successfully integrated with the CRM and used to pass data both ways between the website and the CRM, to track and trace the use and popularity of the content and ensure that its impact on the community is positive.

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