UCI Track World Cup —
Putting cycling infront
of a whole new audience.

From launching World Track Cycling to the masses, to designing the interactive website for the UCI Road Cycling World Championships, we’ve reached a global audience and elevated cycling’s presence.

A strong 6 year relationship that started with one great campaign.

Our collaboration with UCI World Cycling and British Cycling has been pivotal in our mission to elevate the sport in the hearts and minds of people throughout the UK. Through our campaign work, we have woven a compelling narrative that breaks down the intricacies of competitive cycling, translating it into an accessible and thrilling experience for all to enjoy.

Our campaigns have been instrumental in expanding the reach of cycling, bringing the sport to new and diverse audiences. These initiatives have ignited fresh interest, providing a gateway for individuals who might not have otherwise explored the thrill and beauty of competitive cycling. Through our work, we’ve helped British Cycling convey the essence of this sport, leaving an indelible mark and a lasting legacy in the UK’s cycling culture.

How we created feeling

In our work, we delved deep into the emotions and sensations that envelop spectators when they witness velodrome cycling for the first time. We aimed to capture the unbridled passion that surges through the crowd as the velodrome reverberates with their thunderous roars of encouragement. The sheer power and athleticism of the riders, each pedal stroke a display of unwavering determination, became a visual symphony that resonated with viewers, immersing them in the pulsating heart of the event.

But perhaps the most poignant element we sought to convey was the overwhelming sense of glory that envelops everyone present when medals are won. It’s a collective triumph that transcends individual victories, uniting athletes and spectators alike in a shared moment of exultation. Our campaign was dedicated to making viewers not just observers but active participants, feeling the visceral, heart-pounding intensity of velodrome cycling as if they were right there in the midst of the action. We aimed to bring this thrilling experience to life, forging a deep connection between the audience and this extraordinary sport.

Meticulously intertwining design elements of the Velodrome into our newly created typeface which was used as a solid foundation to build the campaign around.

In the years we have been working together, Persona have been able to confidently understand our audience, interpret how users interact with our brand, and therefore continue to help us improve how we communicate with them.

Words of:
Digital Director

Building a design system with longevity at its core

Our meticulously crafted design system was the linchpin of our campaign’s success, ensuring its consistent and enduring impact. With a diverse array of assets, our system offered the in-house design team a versatile toolkit to effortlessly roll out content that remained visually coherent throughout the campaign and beyond. This consistency not only preserved the campaign’s message but also amplified its longevity, sustaining its visual appeal for an extended period, even well into the following year. The adaptability of our design assets, both for offline and online use, made it an invaluable resource that facilitated a seamless and cohesive experience, reinforcing the campaign’s impact while providing an enduring visual legacy.

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