Commonwealth Games –
Premium merchandise brand

Creating a dynamic mark that represented both the iconic animal and the fluid movement of sport.

Bringing the famous Birmingham Bull into a luxury merchandise arena

We designed the full merchandise suite for the entire Commonwealth Games in Birmingham using the event branding and assets, but when it came to the high-end merchandise the team wanted us to create something unique — something premium that would stand alone and offer a higher tier of product for the more reserved consumer.

How we created feeling

Birmingham is a very proud city. Rooted in its heritage is the Bull Ring, and in elevating the bull to a premium level we appealed to the consumers’ pride in their city — the Commonwealth Games had its wider games merchandise, but this brand and these pieces were crafted for Birmingham alone.

We created and showcased pride of place for the person wearing the product, and this translated across multi-generational family and community members. The product performed in part like a team kit, unifying the city under “Team Birmingham”.

Elevating a city mascot for a global event and instilling a sense of pride across multi-generational members of the community.

The Outcome

The brand and product was received exceptionally well both at the event and online, with sales exceeding expectations. Consumers felt a sense of pride in their city mascot represented at such a high level. The refined nature of the brand and monochrome colour palette meant the product appealed to a wider audience, and even outperformed at the higher price point.