Dynamic 12000 —
Empowering consumers
to Go Further.

Creating an innovative launch campaign for Craghoppers’ Dynamic 12000 line, capturing the interest of a new audience and propelling them go further.

We encouraged the Craghoppers consumer to push themselves.

“Go Further” campaign was a dynamic journey. Centered around their cutting-edge clothing line, Dynamic 1200, we aimed to resonate deeply with a youthful audience while igniting their adventurous spirit. By blending vibrant visuals with bold typography, we ensured the campaign visually conveyed the essence of pushing limits. The color palette echoed the energy of exploration, while the campaign tagline itself became a rallying cry, urging individuals to transcend boundaries. Through meticulous design and strategic messaging, our studio passionately brought to life the essence of “Go Further” for Craghoppers’ remarkable new collection.

How we created feeling

This campaign focused on a sense of achievement. The fabrics technology utilised refracted infrared to support muscles and movement allowing users to improve on their own performances. The campaign centred around the want and need for outdoors explorers to go that extra distance and feel a sense of adventure.

We harnessed that idea into the line GO FURTHER and that encouragement and support really resonated with target audience.

Meticulously intertwining design elements and interactive features to evoke a sense of engagement, ensuring that every click and scroll conjures an emotional connection.

Working with Persona is always a pleasure, their breadth of experience and knowledge across multiple disciplines and industries means they have so much more to offer on projects.

Words of:
Charlotte Jackson - Marketing Director

The Outcome

The Go Further campaign was one of the first fabric technology focused campaigns Craghoppers had delivered across digital and physical touchpoints. The response from their community exceeded expectations with queues for the pop-up activation at events and hundreds of tags and posts across social media from consumers that were taking the product and going further.