Enkasa Homes —
Bay area realtors.

Elevating the brand and website of an established Bay Area realtors to better reflect their mission and values: championing the desires and alleviating the fears of buyers and sellers and showcasing the lifestyle of luxury home ownership.

Putting the customer's journey at the centre of everything

Enkasa Homes is a boutique real estate firm. They guide their clients step-by-step through the buying or selling processes, ensuring that their goals are met. Ultimately they aim to achieve the best outcome for homebuyers budgets, and for sellers to  get the most money for their homes. Their team has brokered more than $300M in Bay Area homes and they operate in partnership with their parent company Diamond Construction and Development.

Their approach, centered around people and driven by collaboration, sees them put the needs of their clients front and centre of everything they do. Compassion and understanding of the stresses and strains of buying or selling a family home is the keystone of their mission and values.

How we created feeling

Despite being established and reputable in the Bay Area, Enkasa’s website failed to capture the most important part of its approach: a  compassionate, personalised service achieved through a people-centric focus; and a true indication of the luxury lifestyle they are selling through these types of homes. A light-touch update to the branding was also needed to set a more high-quality and luxurious tone crucial for reaching the desired audience.

We arrived at this understanding by workshopping with the Enkasa team what was important to them. We uncovered that our task was to showcase the luxury home lifestyle and highlight their empathy for the emotional journey their clients embark on with them. 

We started by structuring the website to prioritise the “Who” and “Why” over the “What”.

We elevated the stories and experiences of their former clients by treating the case studies with a more emotive story-telling approach,  presenting their stories with more personal details and luxury lifestyle photography.

We also separated the information important to buyers and sellers into two pages to make the website much easier to navigate for the user. Additionally, we celebrated the high-end luxurious homes built by their parent company Diamond Construction with landing pages celebrating each project.

We also elevated their branding by refining their logo, colour use, typography and photography to enhance their luxury credentials.

Championing the impact of a relationship-focused process over a transactional one.

Compassionate, confident and assured

The final website reflects Enkasa’s people-focused ethos and sets out its expertise in a confident yet approachable manner. The small adjustments to the branding and new typography elevate its luxurious presentation. The photography celebrates the luxury lifestyle afforded to their clients. and provides a platform to showcase their stories and establishes Enkasa Homes as the preeminent empathetic realtors in the Bay Area.

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