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Building a brand and digital experience for a global brand that's helped tens of thousands of families through every imaginable situation.

Changing the Face of Ageing.

Home Instead’s aim has always been to help people age positively. That means bringing expert care to them at home, helping them live independently and enjoy a stimulating life where they’re most comfortable. With over 250 franchises across the UK, they are successful at delivering this vision at scale, and needed this to be reflected across their brand and all communication channels.

We worked with the National Head Office team, and a board of franchise owners across the country to bring this vision to reality, starting with a comprehensive brand roll-out with strategic positioning, leading into an in-depth user experience audit, to inform a set of visual designs that communicated the brand values and offering clearly and consistently

250 Locations around the country
468,000 Monthly visits
247% Increase in Conversion Rate
22% Rise in SEO Performance

How we created feeling

Understanding the emotional journey of individuals seeking home care services for their loved ones was at the core of our approach for this project. We recognised that this decision is often marked by a complex mix of emotions, including anxiety, guilt, and a deep desire to provide the best possible care for a cherished family member. To create a web experience that resonates with these emotions, we began by conducting in-depth research, including interviews and surveys, to gain insights into the specific concerns, fears, and hopes of these families. This allowed us to identify key pain points in their decision-making process.

Our design strategy revolved around creating a website that communicates trust, reliability, and compassion. We used a soft tone-of-voice and imagery that evoked warmth and comfort. Content was crafted with empathy, addressing the fears and anxieties head-on, while providing clear and concise information about the services offered. Interactive elements, such as a simple Care Request form, and easy to use location searches were implemented to ensure that users felt heard and supported throughout their journey. We also lead with testimonials and success stories to showcase real-life experiences and build confidence, and show the human faces behind the Home Instead brand.

After building the brand and online experience from the ground up, we helped over 250 Franchises to excel online, as much as they do within their communities.

Consistency at scale.

With 250 franchises nationwide, our focus on scalability was imperative. Ensuring consistency within the brand not only fosters trust and recognition among users but also reinforces the brand’s unwavering commitment to high-quality care.

A uniform information architecture and clear signposting enhance access to essential resources, reducing frustration and promoting usability. From a marketing perspective, this unified approach empowers each franchise to harness the collective strength of the brand, capitalising on the shared reputation and online presence.

We partnered with the National Office team to facilitate communication and management across the UK franchise network. This involved conducting extensive workshops and presentations to gather information and underscore the value of the new website.

The outcome is a website that significantly simplifies rollout and maintenance for franchise teams. It also allows them to utilise integrated data throughout the network, benefiting from the shared core architecture, resulting in a more efficient and cohesive online presence.

Persona have both the creative skills and technical prowess to deliver incredibly complex projects, whilst simultaneously managing and bringing all stakeholders along for the journey. We continue to work with them for both creative work and ongoing website management and further optimisation - We can not recommend Persona enough.

Words of:
Ric Moxon - Digital & Marketing, Home Instead

Brand flexibility built in.

Following on from the creation of the main customer facing website, we went on to define the brand and create microsites for various other aspects of the business, including Franchise Development, Home Instead Charities, and Recruitment.

We achieved this by establishing a robust, central website framework with common design elements, navigation, and core brand assets. However, we strategically integrated distinct visual cues and content variations for each sector. For the franchise business, we emphasised elements like location-based information and business-specific resources. The charitable foundation microsite incorporated imagery and content highlighting the Home Instead’s charitable foundation, and community focussed activities, and the Recruitment team’s site was designed to feature career opportunities, testimonials, and deliver against their fast paced recruitment strategy.

Tracking and Integrations.

A key part of the project was driven by the strategic goal of centralising the data, tracking and content across the national operations. We built a Headless solution that combined data from various sources into a streamlined front end, that’s fast loading and accessible.

Tracking and data capture was also integrated across the website, so all national franchises benefited from the combined data, with in-depth tracking, combining analytics with the clients chosen CRM to capture and distribute leads across the network.

The data so-far has shown a 250% increase in conversion rate, overall SEO uplift, and around 450,000 monthly visitors.