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for gaming disruptors.

Taking the latest cutting-edge disrupter gaming studio from conceptualisation to reality through adept brand development and forward thinking digital design and build.

A brand that fits firmly into the future.

Spliced Inc. are a team of passionate developers collaborating on a new innovative project that redefines what a game is and how we interact with them. When the decision was made to establish themselves as leading pioneers in the tech and gaming industry, it sparked a strategic and creative partnership with Persona.Studio to devise, design and deliver a complete branding system based on their core assets. A brand fit to carry the organisation firmly into the future.

How we created feeling

A project for a client as exciting as Spliced Inc. needed special care and attention. This was a global gaming brand, NetEase, entering into the Western market with a brand new start up studio based in England, the US and Canada, that needed to strike a balance between communicating the exciting launch, while not saying too much, as their first project is top secret and will be in development for a couple of years.

Our collaboration with Spliced resulted in a brand and website that not only represented the gaming studio’s identity but also fostered curiosity and intrigue among visitors. By weaving emotion and storytelling into the branding and using innovative digital techniques, we ensured that the studio’s launch was met with excitement and anticipation from gamers and enthusiasts worldwide. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating immersive and captivating experiences for our clients, setting the stage for their future success in the gaming industry.

Our mission was to evoke emotions that resonate deeply with players, fostering an unparalleled connection between the digital realm and the human heart.

Having worked with Persona in the past, there was only one company in mind when it came to designing the website and branding for our Gaming Studio.
Not only are they creative geniuses but they have the technical knowledge too. The passion and innovation they put into our projects is just unmatched. We look forward to furthering our relationship as our company continues to grow. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

Words of:
Associate Studio Operations Director


Recruitment was a key part of the websites function and purpose – Spliced Inc. will be hiring hundreds of roles globally over the next couple of years, so this needed consideration from the get-go. The scale of recruitment also meant that data had to be integrated with their external recruitment platforms, to ensure that the process was streamlined and efficient for the business and applicants.

The Outcome

The website was launched to a fanfare of global PR, primarily focussing on the gaming and technology industry media. It was covered by CNBC, TechRaptor, Yahoo Finance, PocketGamer, and many other industry publications, and featured on the global NetEase home page on launch day. Some eagle eyed users even spotted a few easter eggs that were hidden in the code and designed to catch the sharpest developers around.

The website garnered widespread praise, with industry leaders commenting on the website and sharing the Spliced Inc message – We are Building The Future

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