Tattu —
Contemporary Chinese.
Modern Flavours.

Creating a brand that defies convention and transcends cuisine through to culture, welcome to Tattu, permanently unique.

A brand that constantly creates whilst maintaining its a core DNA.

A collection of award-winning, luxury Chinese restaurants located in the UK’s most vibrant cities. A premium, cutting edge restaurant brand that has captivated the UK market through a curated combination of dramatic interior design, specialist cuisine and a high-quality service style. Leading the market in brand identity, Tattu is an incredibly unique concept with a commitment to remaining differentiated in the highly competitive luxury F&B market.

We created Permanently Unique as the ethos for Tattu, brought to life where each venue delivers its own individual story, whilst maintaining the DNA that makes all locations so successful. This approach has prevented the brand falling into the ‘chain’ category and instead represents a luxury collection of stunning restaurants under the same brand umbrella, leading to fantastic cross pollination across the locations.

How we created feeling

Tattu is focused on being unique in everything it does, from product development to its marketing strategy. The core inspiration for the concept is body art and what the art represents in modern society as a beautiful show of self-expression. No longer a taboo subject, through celebrity endorsements and luxury product placement, the artform has broken boundaries in a world that celebrates individualism at all levels.



This strong, ever evolving brand identity and cultural campaigns that have become industry leading generate an emotional connection between guests and the concept.

Our mission was to make Tattu more than just a dining experience, to elevate the brand to cultural relevance.

Working with Persona has been an absolute pleasure since day one of launching the Tattu brand. Their design prowess is unmatched, turning abstract ideas into visually stunning realities. The team's creativity knows no bounds, and their attention to detail is impeccable.

Words of:
Marketing Director

The secret of the long standing relationship is integration.

We created the identity back in 2015 and have grown with the brand as the retained agency, continuing into 2024 helping Tattu launch on the international stage. We’ve worked closely with the founders on every aspect of the customer journey for visitors experiencing Tattu, but also and crucially in total collaboration with their in-house marketing team. We worked alongside Tattu in creating a unique staff engagement programme, from creative and professional progression through to events and even the annual Tattu staff Festival, Moquella.

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