Venture Arts

Venture Arts —
A national identity for a local charity 

Branding an award-winning visual arts organisation working with learning disabled artists.

A brand that empowers, collaborates and elevates artists in their own right.


It was imperative to us and the team that this piece of work was about positioning Venture Arts as a national arts organisation, not defined or limited by boundaries or labels. Venture Arts through their studio programmes, exhibitions and collaborative projects, remove barriers to the arts, put artists in the lead, champion neurodiversity and provide pathways for every individual to develop their creative identity. This brand and digital piece served to accurately portrait the operating level and send a clear statement of intent to other arts organisations that Venture Arts is a local organisation operating at a national level. The Venture Arts Mission is to be leaders in the arts, striving for equity and supporting artists to excel, our mission for this work was to bring that to life  in the visual identity, website and wider brand touch points.

How we created feeling

Venture Arts has a profound impact on people’s wellbeing, independence, social lives, skills and future prospects, as such we felt a very real sense of duty to deliver something of true worth. We worked with both the Venture Arts project team and a series of their artists to truly uncover what Venture Arts stood for, the overwhelming feeling from those workshops was that of pride.

We took that sentiment through the brand, with an artists sense of accomplishment signified most clearly in their last stroke on a work, their signature. Participating Artist Emlyn  quoted “VA doesn’t see labels or limits, it sees creativity and that is how it should be. It gives people hope about themselves.” This idea of a true reflection of ones self and of the organisation was our key emotive driving factor.

Our shared vision is for learning disabled people to be recognised, celebrated and valued in the arts and in society.

Thank you so much for the hard work, skill, creativity and patience that it took to get to this point. We’re thrilled with the end result, you have had a huge impact on the future of Venture Arts and we’re incredibly grateful! This site will do our artists’ skill and ambition justice in a way the old site never could!

Words of:
Debbie Cowley - VA Director

A body of work for our studio to be truly proud of

Working with Venture Arts on this project brought a level of emotional engagement from our team that reflects everything Persona stands for. The outcome from a brand perspective was such that the work Venture Arts do is now more accurately articulated and reflected in their overall appearance, but the real outcome of this project was much more profound and delivered a lasting impression on our studio culture.

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