WTF is an NFT – 
Digital art for the traditional art market.

Crafting a distinctive identity and graphic style for the UK's first NFT exhibition at a nation wide traditional art fair.

Collaborating with the UK's leading Digital Art and NFT platform.

Known Origin are the UK’s largest NFT curated art platform, recently acquired by eBay, we worked with their team to create an identity and onboarding event to bring traditional art buys into the digital art space. In collaboration with our sister company Manchester’s Finest we created a unique exhibition at Manchester’s Buy Art Fair.

The 2 day event brought over 1,000 people to the exhibition with people new to the digital art space creating accounts allowing them to purchase NFT and Crypto backed art works.

How we created feeling

We played into the negativity mixed with curiosity in the digital art space for this campaign with “WTF is an NFT” being a familiar question for this new creative and technology space. 

We also commissioned 2 artists to create unique editions for the event and anyone who purchased on the day later received a “holders only” invite to a dinner and music event completely free as an IRL utility perk, thus creating a gifted surprise.

Following the success of the Art Fair we also worked with KnownOrigin to promote their “Digital Natives”event.