Human connection and meaningful placemaking

Human connection and meaningful placemaking

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Social technology and applications mean in theory we are connected more than ever, but studies have shown that meaningful physical social interaction, that helped us evolve and thrive as a species is missing, leading to a craving for that physical sense of community.

As a creative studio built around the idea of community grasping the importance of this is critical to success, but forming a digital and physical community requires so much more than simply gathering people together in a single location. Aligning all aspects of a brand with its people and style must be considered and used thoughtfully across all media we craft our creative to capture the essence and characteristics of the physical destination and its quality for multiple clients across the property sector.


Our approach is rooted in collaboration, not only with property clients but with cities too. Being Manchester-based, we have a strong connection with the city and are passionate about creating work that is representative of all Manchester has to offer. Probably our most substantial example of this being our initial creation and on-going work for Airport City Manchester, working to create one of the most exciting business destinations in the ideal location, we were tasked to develop a strong brand that is much more than its visual and verbal identity but reflects people’s experience of place. A 10 year masterplan and evolving piece of work that has evolved through the audience changes from outward investment to occupier appeal and community engagement.

Our authentic approach to creating feeling is complemented by work alongside Manchester’s Finest, with their popular website and Instagram page renowned amongst the people of Manchester and beyond. The team at MCR Finest create video and audio content that genuinely reflects Manchester’s culture, lifestyle and people. Their range of media outlets honour Manchester institutions, from start-ups to old favourite institutions and means you can stay updated with the latest openings. It enhances our design and digital work, creating rich placemaking content to enable brands and companies to achieve their goals.

Conjuring a sense of place attracts consumers to brands and products as it evokes nostalgia, and what we do is honour the past whilst ensuring the power of new ideas and technologies doesn’t mean you get left behind.