The Ai wake up call

The Ai wake up call

Journal — Insight

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Artificial intelligence’s (Ai) potential impact on all sectors of society has stirred up quite a commotion and has stimulated a range of questions and concerns among designers about the future of Ai-driven design. Initially, it was easy to look at the emergence of AI as a threat to the design world and creativity itself; however, with its undeniable influence already our approach is to upskill and learn how AI can support in the creative sector, we’ve recently been putting Ai to use on naming exercises for projects where we are exploring either product or company names.

AI has been a wake-up call for most sectors and soon will simply be another asset in our skillset with the next generation giving no second thought to AI-powered tools. As an emerging technology this is an exciting time for us to harness and empower our team for the future.


Bigger picture we recognise that a means to monitor and regulate how to use AI responsibility is an enormous task however Ai disruption is nothing to be afraid of; most things that are cheaper, faster and easily accessible are not always the best or the most fulfilling in our professional and personal lives, so the likes of ChatGPT certainly do not mark the end of the human creative, it offers the opportunity to streamline approaches and free up more time for design creatives on meaningful tasks.