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We understand the power of storytelling, and when we’re the conduits for innovators in the Leisure and Tourism, Fashion, and Lifestyle sectors, we know that the narrative has to be more compelling than ever. This is due to these sectors overflowing with well-crafted causes, reasons for being, and powerful legacies. So we know we have to use our powers of empathy to dig-deep, and find unique ways of connecting people with your brand.

Persona wants to be your partner in creating these lasting connections. The kind of long-term connections that will elevate your brand to new heights. We do this through brand experiences that capture your story, that create feeling, evoke wanderlust and forge loyalty.

Let us help narrate your brand’s unique story.

We fuse technology and detail-orientated design to ensure your brand remains at the forefront of the digital landscape. Because your online presence should not just represent your brand; it should tell its story. In fact, we understand the importance of consistency across all touch-points, from social media assets to printed collateral, which means we ensure that your brand connects with people in every interaction.

We value collaboration and communication, and when you work with us you can be sure that your story will be at the heart of every project, and together, we’ll make your brand unforgettable.



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Let’s start a project together.

Our specialism isn’t design, or web development, or illustration, or video, or typography. Our output isn’t restricted to print, or digital, or events, or signage. We can do all of these and more. Put simply, our one key driver is to create feeling. Feeling in our clients. Feeling in their customers. Feeling in ourselves. Because when this emotive reaction happens, we know we’ve done something beyond answering a brief, we’ve created feeling. We’ve connected people with a brand. And that’s what truly leads us.